Our Expertise - The Strategy Business
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Our Expertise

Delivering expertise, experience, effectiveness … the knowledge-driven business for knowledge-driven businesses

Three factors underpin the proven expertise we offer clients:

Management Team

We are committed to developing a close working relationship with our client companies. In doing so, our clients are confident that they will collaborate directly with members of The Strategy Business management team. We have over 25 years’ management experience in international strategy, new venture creation, small business management and executive mentoring - it is this blend and depth of experience that we are able to bring to our entrepreneurial clients.

Global Network

International success requires organisations to develop an in-depth knowledge of local conditions in target country markets. The Strategy Business has a global network of highly qualified marketing practitioners who provide us with accurate, up-to-date, country and industry specific marketing research data tailored to meet the needs of our clients.

Our Clients

We have extensive experience of working as business advisors to high growth entrepreneurial organisations in public, private, manufacturing, service, profit and not-for-profit sectors. We currently work with private clients throughout Scotland, and with both Scottish Enterprise and Highlands & Islands client organisations.

We welcome the opportunity to open a discussion on how we can develop creative and realistic strategic solutions that enhance your competitive standing in the global marketplace.