Our Portfolio of Services - The Strategy Business
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Our Portfolio of Services

The Strategy Business offers a range of services tailored specifically to meet the individual needs of our entrepreneurial clients.
Whatever our client company's experience, stage of development, or level of internationalisation we can provide a service that is designed to enhance the organisation's competitive standing in the global marketplace.

Whether you require assistance with


  • marketing research and identification of international growth opportunities

  • evaluating internal operations and readiness to engage new markets

  • developing and implementing effective competitive strategies

  • executive mentoring and skills development

We can deliver a service that is appropriate to your needs.

Our portfolio of services is built around three key themes that we believe essentially underpin success in home and international markets:

Defining global competitiveness

Success in domestic markets does not automatically translate to success in international markets – the key to international success is knowledge.


  • Industry knowledge – what key macro factors will impact on your profitable international growth?
  • Market knowledge – what do customers in overseas markets want, what competition will you face, which markets offer the best opportunities?
  • Self-knowledge – can you compete effectively – which of your products, value added services, and internal capabilities can be leveraged to achieve success in overseas markets?

We enable clients to acquire the necessary strategic knowledge to achieve global competitiveness.

Creating strategic solutions

Success in global markets is dependent on a workable international strategy.


  • In developing viable international strategies we recognise the importance of e-business technologies in extending the global reach of our client companies.
  • We contribute effectively to enhancing our clients’ competitive position in the global marketplace by working with them to evaluate realistic international strategy options that capitalise on e-business applications.
  • We achieve this by developing an in-depth knowledge of our clients’ business, the industry in which they operate, and target international markets.

We enable clients to create strategic solutions that will support the achievement of global competitiveness.

Enabling global competitiveness

Success in global markets requires effective strategy implementation.


  • Global entrepreneurial businesses embrace a corporate culture that is committed to organisational learning and responsiveness.
  • We focus upon transforming client companies into responsive, learning organisations through our commitment to integrated operational action planning that builds strategic understanding and awareness in all employees.

We enable clients to create a corporate culture that will lead to effective implementation of strategies designed to achieve global competitiveness.