Our Purpose - The Strategy Business
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Our Purpose

Our purpose at The Strategy Business is to enable our entrepreneurial clients to achieve global competitiveness.



This word reflects the whole ethos of our dealings with clients.


  • Our aim is to ensure that our clients recognise and exploit their own competencies, and that these are significantly leveraged under our guidance.
  • Our contribution is to develop creative and realistic strategic solutions that enhance our clients’ competitive standing in the global marketplace. This is underpinned by development of an in-depth knowledge of the client organisation, the industry in which it operates, and target international markets.
  • Our results are clients who are equipped with the strategic knowledge and skills required to achieve global competitiveness.

Entrepreneurial Clients


  • Our clients are entrepreneurial small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) operating in knowledge-driven industries – whether manufacturing or service-based.
  • Entrepreneurial ventures are: dynamic; highly responsive to emerging market trends; and exploit opportunities that create value through innovation.
  • These characteristics require entrepreneurial ventures to have an in-depth knowledge of their own capabilities, those that are required to succeed in their chosen industry, and significant market factors that impact on profitable growth.
  • We enable clients to acquire the strategic knowledge and skills that underpin a vibrant entrepreneurial corporate culture.


Our Commitment

We welcome the opportunity to open a discussion on how we can develop creative and realistic strategic solutions that enhance your competitive standing in the global marketplace.